5 Secrets of Exceptional Products

Companies failing or struggling, Staff being demotivated, isn’t new. Maybe there are few core things that go wrong and “Work Culture” is most often blamed.

But an exceptional work culture can be built only around an exceptional product.

Sharing 5 secrets of building an Exceptional Product; these might sound impossible, but we need to take one step at a time

Secret to Selling – Don’t try to Sell

Yes, to build and have a great product listen to customers. Don’t just try to sell. Understand their needs, consult on what you have to offer, and takeaway essential learninings for the Product

Secret to Marketing – Don’t need to Market them

You need to put out as much content about your offerings, keep it Viral – word of mouth. Let your customers do your marketing. Let your accomplishments speak.

Secret to Profiting – Don’t want to Profit

Yes, if your main focus is to profit, you can’t build a generous offering. You must be focused on improving the lives of your customers and the society as a whole. Making profit would come along.

Secret to Supporting – You never Receive a Call

Your Support should be outbound and Sales inbound! Yes, great products don’t have users chasing the support helpdesk or Customer Success staff.

Desire to create something People Love

Yes, the core DNA of the company should be to create something people love. Fill a need in the market, and give an enriching experience.

The idea is not to undermine any of the desciplines like Sales, Marketing, Finance or Support, but to keep the desciplines customer centric and product focused.

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